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Public Safety Committee

Mission Statement
The Caucus of African American Leaders - Public Safety Committee’s (CAAL-PSC) principal mission is to identify, investigate, and resolve public safety issues that have an overall impact on the African American community as a whole. Utilizing the ability to analyze data and information the PSC will make necessary recommendations to key personnel, within our legislative and executive bodies of government.


The PSC’s recommendations are geared towards having a communal impact and not a singular effect. The PSC's
primary focus is on anti-bias framing of policy, citizens complaints of police brutality / misconduct, unethical practices, flagrant wrongful convictions, recidivism reduction & offender reentry. If you would like to contact the CAAL Public Safety Committee, please call (443-272-4675). Please be aware that this is a recorded line.


Check back for intake form, available soon!

Meet the Committee Members

Committee Chair

Joshua Hatch

Committee Members 

Lea Green


David Grogan

Kenneth Gaskins  


Gwendolyn Levi 

Robert Morgan

Clavin Robinson-Bey

James Spearman

Randy Williams

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