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Check out "The Duke of York: Father of America's Slave Society"

At the February meeting of the Caucus of African American Leaders, we showed a clip from the trailer for Edward Doten's new book The Duke of York: Father of America's Slave Society. The trailer demonstrated to everyone watching that this book is vital to understanding how the brutality and trauma of racism began and how it continues to be felt in the United States today.

This book does not soften anything for comfort. It does not try to depict events through rose-colored glasses. It is a gripping, brutally honest account of how white officials purposefully built slavery on a foundation of cruelty, and encouraged sadistic practices to subjugate and oppress millions of Black men, women, and children.

The Duke of York also elaborates on how this barbaric system has lasting impacts on our country today. It highlights the reality that systemic racism continues to exist in the United States today as a result of slavery, and that this system caused (and continues to cause) intergenerational trauma among Black Americans that has yet to be fully healed.

Learn more about the book and buy your copy by visiting

Watch the incredible trailer for the book below:

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