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CAAL Stands in Solidarity with Teens Brutalized by Ocean City Police

On November 22, the Caucus of African American Leaders, along with representatives from Showing Up for Racial Justice - Annapolis and Anne Arundel County (SURJ3a), local branches of the NAACP, and the C.A.S.T. of Anne Arundel County, attended the trial of Taizier Griffin (19). Griffin is one of four Black teens who allege that they were the victims of police misconduct and brutality over the summer in Ocean City, MD.

Griffin was confronted by OC police officers on the Ocean City Boardwalk for allegedly vaping illegally. Video of Griffin's arrest shows Griffin with his hands raised and appearing to try and comply with directions from police before being tasered, handcuffed on the ground, and carried away.

See video coverage of the Caucus' journey to OC in the video below.

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